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Aquaponic systems combine the best of hydroponics (growing in a soilless medium), and aquaculture (the farming of fish), the 2 parts of hydroponic systems that are replaced in an aquaponic system are the:

1) Water Reservoir (Aquarium)
2) Nourishment (Fish Poop)

Like hydroponics’ reservoir, the aquaponic utilizes a fish tank to change the typical reservoir while the fish supply nutrients (fish poop) for medical cannabis to grow in the system.

Marijuana aquaponic gardening is the means of the future for both home gardening and bigger scale commercial farming. Unlike typical soil-based farming techniques, aquaponic gardening systems use fish waste to feed medical cannabis.

How this works, is that fish secrete their waste, which is primarily ammonia, into the fish tank that is then pumped throughout growing system.

Normally occurring germs develop within these systems and change the ammonia (fish waste and disintegrating food) into nitrites, and then another kind of germs converts nitrites into nitrates (useful cannabis plant food).

As these nitrates supply medical cannabis aquaponics with the nutrition they need to grow within the ecological community, the cannabis plants metabolize the fish waste which cleanses the water for the fish to be able to endure.

This essentially produces a natural recirculating ecological community that symbiotically collaborates so the fish to be live and you are able to grow the best organic medical cannabis.

Marijuana aquaponic systems can be constructed to be visually pleasing and a center conversation-piece within your home or in your yard. They can be constructed to any size, from small systems constructed to fit an apartment kitchen to farms.

These systems can be constructed using reasonably economical parts that anybody can manage and quickly construct in the home.

Cultivating medical cannabis at home with aquaponics can help you to attain dispensary-independence and conserve money on the medication you are currently buying that is better tasting, healthier, and better.

The emergent trend in aquaponic gardening is just beginning in the medical cannabis industry, you absolutely can see the advantages of aquaponics and why it is better than hydroponic systems


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