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TALK TITLE: Cannabis: Pyschedelia’s Best Kept Secret

Though policies are moving towards regulating cannabis like alcohol, we know this plant medicine to be so much more. Using the combination of set, setting, and skill, Preston Lopez unpacks the hidden potential of cannabis to create powerfully healing experiences. His method integrates the non-ordinary state induced by Cannabis with mindfulness practices, somatic trauma release techniques, and shadow work to provide uniquely healing journeys and sustainable personal transformation.

Preston Lopez, MS, is trained as a Professional Clinical Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist and is now working as a Transformational Coach based in Southern California. He has spent the last ten years on a personal journey of healing, growth, and training that has lead to the development of a unique modality of assisting clients in doing deeply transformative work. He has integrated his clinical background with practices of mindfulness meditation, shadow work, somatic trauma release techniques, and the use of non-ordinary states produced by cannabis to create powerful healing experiences for those who are willing to take the deep dive into their own inner spaces. Preston is trained in the Vipassana meditation technique and has worked under the tutelage of Daniel McQueen of Medicinal Mindfulness in Boulder, CO.
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