Overview of the Monaco Growth Forums Fall 2016 event, featuring MGF’s founder and CEO Andreea Porcelli, Monaco’s Finance Minster Mr. Jean Castellini, and more.


About the Monaco Growth Forums:
Monaco Growth Forums (MGF) is an exclusive, invitation-only conference highlighting growth companies seeking capital and/or greater exposure. Andreea Porcelli, MGF founder and president, has more than 20 years’ experience as an international investment banker, finding investors for small cap companies on a world scale. She and her team select, by invitation-only, companies seeking international investor exposure to present and then socialize over three days with institutional fund managers, private asset managers, high net-worth individuals, and industry-related sponsors and foundations—all of whom are also exclusively invited to match MFG’s highly selective criteria.

Each conference features a different, socially-responsible theme that the sponsors incorporate into their keynote speeches. Our elite mix of speakers and presenters from the business and financial sectors, as well as from academia and charitable foundations, maintain the exclusive mix that our audience seeks at our three-day events.

MGF has garnered significant press exposure, and the number of international media outlets covering our events—already in the double digits—is projected to expand significantly with each forum edition that we offer. According to testimonials from many of the guests at the first two editions, the Monaco Growth Forum has distinguished itself as the one of the most international conferences of its kind.
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