This week’s top news – Business and Investor Seminar Summit – Nov. 8th, 2014, Colorado Springs. In less than four years, the Marijuana Business has gone from “Weed Street to Wall Street – Part 2.” Want to learn how to succeed in the Marijuana industry? Join us Nov. 8th, 2014 for our seminar and investor summit.
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Want to start your own Canna Business? Join us.
Seminar + Investor Summit: The Business and Legal Regulatory Models
• When: Saturday, November 8th, 2014; only 9 per person.
• 8am – 9am: Welcome Breakfast Reception and Networking – open to public – (breakfast included)
• 9am – 4:20pm: How To Seminar – Acedmia- KC Stark and Charles T. Houghton, Esq.
• 4:20 pm – 4:40 pm: Keynote Speaker – Alina Lekser, Venture Capitalist – “Funding Your Business for Venture Capital.”
• 4:40pm – 5pm: Keynote Speaker – Rebecca Manley, Business Planning – “Preparing Your Business Plan for the Marijuana Industry”
• BONUS EVENT: 5pm – Midnight: – America’s “Original Canna Club” – After Party and Business Networking Nosh – 420 Friendly.
• BONUS EVENT: Nov. 9th, MMJBA – Investor Round-table – “Pitch Your Business Idea to Qualified Investors for Potential Capital Funding” (15-min time slot.) 11am – 1pm
MMJBA – Main Event – “How To Canna Business Seminar” – book online in advance – limited seating.
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Nov. 8th: MMJBA – Main Event – “How To Canna Business Seminar” – book online in advance – limited seating
Networking Coffee 8am – 9am (breakfast included)
Seminar Main Event 9am – 5pm The Rules, Regs and Best & Worst Business Practices + Keynote Speakers.
• 100: General Application Process
• 200: Licensing
• 300: The Licensed Premises
• 400: Medical Marijuana Centers + Retail Marijuana Stores
• 500: Optional Premises Cultivation Operation 600: Marijuana Infused Products and Extracting Manufacturing Facilities
• 700: Marijuana Testing Facilities
• 800: Transport and Warehousing
• 900: Business Records and Reporting
• 1000: Labeling, Packaging, and Product Safety
• 1100: Signage and Advertising
• 1200: Enforcement
• 1300: Discipline
• 1400: Division, Local and Law Enforcement Procedures

MMJBA – Main Event – “How To Canna Business Seminar” – book online in advance – limited seating.
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In this stock market for beginners video we will be discussing the seven deadly mistakes beginner investors make. These mistakes separate the successful investors from the unsuccessful investors. As a stock market beginner, it is important to understand that you are your biggest enemy. You need to learn how to control your emotions and have a consistent approach towards investing. The information for this video came from two sources. The first is The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham. This is the number one investing book I recommend as far as learning about the stock market for beginners. The second book is Unshakeable by Tony Robbins. I just finished the audiobook version and this will now be the number two investing book I recommend for people looking to learn about the stock market for beginners. If you plan on buying either of those two books, please consider using my affiliate links to help me out!

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