Marijuana wax is all the rage in the stoner community because it produces a faster, stronger high. But what is it exactly? Find out in this quick, informative video. Happy #420.

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Everything You Need to Know About Marijuana Wax from Complex.
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Hope this helped. It’s definitely going to be interesting to see which companies come out on top. Also I forgot to mention this in the video, but I personally don’t think that Trump will have much of an impact on states legalization rights. Politicians might say that they will try to do something, but I highly doubt that anyone will try to go against states rights.

List (no particular order)
CANL Cannlabs Inc
KSHB Kush Bottles Inc
RMHB Rocky Mountain H Rg
EAT Nutritional High International Inc
AMMJ American Cannabis Company Inc

MJNA Medical Mar1juana Inc (not benefiting so much of the US market but might benefit the new medical laws in countries like Mexico and Brazil, where it is the only supplier)