In 4 videos Cannabis News Network will give you an update on the current situation. We reveal what our rights are. We show how governments are struggling to grand us those rights, and how international drug laws are forcing countries to set up a government controlled system. You’ll see why patients are the one and only victims of such a system, because they are not allowing to grow their own medicine, or worst, are being criminalized.

In episode 3 of this series, we show you how this system is set up and why it is failing its patients.

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Medicinal marijuana cultivation plot, Galilee, Israel 1 November 2012
1. Close up of marijuana leaves
2. Back-shot of man with a kippeh among tall marijuana plants
3. Pan across greenhouse
4. Tilt up of tall marijuana plants
5. Female technicians picking leaves
6. Tight shot of workers preparing joints
7. Wider shot of workers making joints
Sheba Medical Center near Tel Aviv October 20 2012
8. Dr. Itay Goor Aryeh, Director of the Pain Management Centre at Sheba Medical Centre, looking at samples of medical marijuana
9. Close up on buds of marijuana in jar
10. Extreme close up on buds of marijuana
11. Marijuana cigarettes (reefers) in plastic envelope
12. Marijuana extract in liquid form for patients who prefer not to smoke or eat it
13. SOUNDBITE: Dr. Itay Goor Aryeh, (English)
” The HTC was discovered in Israel by Professor Meshulam, also lots of research on CBD was done here at the Weitzman Institute so we are really on the cutting edge also on the basic science of cannabis.”
14. Close up on marijuana preparation in jar
15. SOUNDBITE: Dr. Itay Goor Aryeh, (English)
“It’s the right thing, yes it has to be researched more, yes it has to be regulated more, yes it has to be developed in the sense that we will know what we’re giving the patient, what strains are better, what is the relationship between the CBD and the HTC and so on and so forth. But if you don’t allow it you will never know.”
16. Chronic pain patients in the Pain Management Centre at Sheba Medical Centre.
17. Tilt up from patients to Dr Goor Aryeh
18. David Itzhak, patient at Pain Management Centre
19. SOUNDBITE: David Itzhak ( Hebrew),
” The cannabis helps me, it helps me reduce by twenty milligrams the dose of Oxycontin (narcotic pain reliever) and I take it at night before I go to sleep, I smoke the cannabis, I’ve been on it for four months and it helps me.”
20. Patients in the Pain Management Centre, Dr Goor Aryeh in the background writing prescriptions
21. SOUNDBITE: Dr. Itay Goor Aryeh, (English)
“One of the ways we know it helps, we are giving it to old people, relatively very old people in their 80’s so it’s not just someone and people say “She just want to get high”. Those people suffer from pain all the time, we give them the medication and they come, and they’ve been taken off other medication that they’ve been taking and they say that it brings them back to life.”
Hadarim Nursing Home, kibbutz Naan, southern Israel October 30 2012
22. Exterior of nursing home
23. Close up hands filling pipe with medicinal marijuana
24. Moshe Rute, 80. Holocaust survivor with head nurse Inbal Sikorin. Moshe lights pipe
25. Close up, Moshe Rute lighting marijuana in pipe with over-sized lighter
26. Moshe Rute puffing on pipe
27. Moshe re-lighting his pipe
28. SOUNDBITE: Moshe Rute ( Hebrew)
“The cannabis helps me, my hands are a lot more stable, I eat better and I’m a lot more patient and quiet”
29. Rivke Holobe, 85, patient at Hadarim Nursing Home
30. Close up, nurse’s hands as he mixes marijuana with cream cheese for Rivka
31. Rivka Holobe eating cream cheese mixed with marijuana.
32. Framed photographs of Rivka’s grandchildren
Sheba Medical Center near Tel Aviv October 20 2012
33. SOUNDBITE: Dr. Itay Goor Aryeh, (English)
“One of my colleagues told about his patient, she told him ‘Listen doctor, it’s great, I take the medication I have no pain, I’m doing great, and not only that, my grandchildren come to visit me every weekend.”
Hadarim Nursing Home, kibbutz Naan, southern Israel October 30 2012
34. Wide shot of day room at Hadarim Nursing Home
35. Pan across conventional drugs in medicine cabinet
36. Nurse unlocking cupboard
39. Close up on marijuana in container

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