Biggest Cannabis Harvest For First Time Grower!

Cannabis harvest update this week! This has so far been the biggest cannabis harvest for a new grower among my circle of friends. Weed here consists of Caramelicious, Super Sweet Tooth, and Lowryder #2. Cannabis strain review / weed review somewhat as I talk about their high. Weed harvest / marijuana harvest. Click the thumbs up if you enjoyed this!

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–Details on the plants–
Strains: Plant #1- Super Sweet Tooth photoperiod,
Plant #2- Lowryder 2 autoflower,
Plant #’s 3 through 6- Caramelicious autoflower
Grow Type: Soil
Soil mix: Fox Farm Ocean Forest
Pot size: 5gal pots for 4 Caramelicious, one 5gal pot for Lowryder 2, one 3 gal pot for Super Sweet Tooth
Lights: 18-6 schedule – 2x Platinum LED P9-XML2 (12/12 schedule for Plant #1)
Other setup: carbon filter to inline fan to attic
Temperature: Between 64-81
RH: 35% to 45%
PH of water: 6.5
Nutrients: Fox Farm- Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger Bloom & Botanicare Cal Mag Plus
Room size: 4x8x6.5 ft grow tent
Pests – None