You’ve heard of the Wolf of Wallstreet, now meet the Wolf of WeedStreet!

Daily dab interviews Jason Spatafora- If you don’t know who Jason Spatafora is, he’s known as the Wolf of Weed Street, a successful cannabis investor who runs and Jason Spatafora has been a featured authority on Marijuana Stocks as seen in TheStreet, Vice and Men’s Journal.

The wolf is one of the leading experts on investing in the cannabis industry. He started off anonymously giving investment advice through social media channels like Twitter, but was outed by the end of 2014. Now he’s known as one of the most successful investors in cannabis stocks, already a millionaire from his investments and building a 24k-strong-and-growing social media following, known as affectionately as the Wolf Pack.

Numbers vary, but one thing is for sure: the Wolf and his followers are making a big impact by successfully investing in the marijuana industry.
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