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Automatic continuous Hammer Mill Herb Grinder,pulverizer ,hammer grinder

Brief introduction:
Flowing water type the Chinese herbal medicine smash the machine to choose to use the stainless steel is a material with the aluminum metal alloy,and adopt the hammer with whet the wheel gear to grind,pass the net to filter,and can attain three kinds of closes the degree,namely 60,100.180.
Have the physical volume is small、Weight small、The effect is high、Operation Chine is then、The characteristcs of the economy energy.
Proper Chinese herbal medicine of Apply of this machine store,Hospital inside pharmacy,The Chinese herbal medicine adds the industrial plant,Science think factory 、The powder of the beauty salon and other profession processes.

It grinds all dry material (like food,pvc,herb)and ore to be powder

1,it grinds salt,coffee,soybean,spice,grain,wheat,pepper,peanut,tobacoo.herbs and so on,takes only 10-15seconds.

2,this machine is designed for pharmacy,clinic, beauty salon, home using,lab,food processing square and so on,

3,it is automatic and continous, you put food into the machine,it grinds at the same time, you do not need turn the machine off and open the grinding housing,it is highly convenient,
4 It could grind the material tp be power.
5,Low noise,no dust,it would be the best choice for lab using and personal home using,
6.Long-life using, by using the copper motor,it can be used as long as you want.

1:precision, small size, light weight, high efficiency, no dust,clean, simple operation, beautiful shape, both power and safe and so on.
2:Crush groove and the blade of whole stainless steel,the body of aluminium alloy,the real high-speed high-power motors
3:grinding range:salt,coffee,soybean,spice,grain,wheat,pepper,peanut,tobacoo,herbs and so on.Takes only 10-15seconds,can be compeletly to powder,for the coffee powder, it can me it into water immediately.
4:lifespan:generally speaking, it can be used for 8-10 years even longer.

Advantage:it is more convenient and save effort,the effect is competely powder.

Automatic & continuous feeding herb/food grinder
Stainless steel throughout & heavy duty
Speed: 2840r/min
Production capacity: (1-20KG)of powder per hour
Filters (included) sizes: 60,100,180 mesh
2 filter bags (included)
Size: 50*17*55CM
Weight: 25KG
Gross weight:30KG
Voltage: 110 V/220V

Package Weight:30kg
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